Product and Services

Segregated Mandates

Segregated equity portfolio services are generally offered to clients with assets of more than R50 million.  Below this level, clients make use of our price-efficient pooled portfolios.

Segregated mandates are determined in consultation with the investor and managed by ABAM specialists in accordance with agreed criteria. Typically, these offerings comprise either risk-profiled funds or specialist portfolios that allow clients to make their own asset-allocation decisions.

These offerings enable clients to achieve their investment objectives in an effective and transparent manner.

Specialist Equity Mandates

The specialist equity mandates are actively managed in line with ABAM’s investment philosophy and invests in diversified portfolio of shares quoted on the JSE.  The portfolio favours shares that represent quality and value and which are expected to appreciate over time.  The portfolio aims to be fully invested in equities at all times and seeks to provide the investor with a higher return than the benchmark.


Balanced Mandates

Balanced Mandates have an allocation to more than one asset class.  The mandate aims to add value through active asset allocation and active security selection within each asset class. The mandate is structured to comply with Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act.

Specialist Money Market Mandates

These mandates are specialised money market and income funds that invest in money market instruments.


Absolute Return Mandates

The Absolute Return mandate is a fully discretionary portfolio aimed at targeting returns above inflation over three year rolling period.  Investments are diversified across a range of domestic asset classes. The mandate is structured to comply with Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act.

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