Absa Asset Management

Investment Process

A process that is well developed and easy to understand allows us to stand firm on our convictions.

Equity Process

Our equity investment process is primarily bottom-up stock picking and valuation focussed.  We employ an intensive, in-house research process to identify companies that meet our investment criteria. Our process is designed to facilitate measurement and compliance at every level to recognise the contribution made by each analyst and portfolio manager. This process is robust, scaleable, repeatable and independent of any one person.

We use both qualitative and quantitative research to develop a company valuation and establish a price-to-fair-value ranking for each stock in our investment universe.  These rankings enable our portfolio managers to build a focused portfolio stock by stock.

Absa Asset Management

Portfolio construction is a function of both top-down and bottom-up appraisal, though company specific valuations are our overriding consideration. Inclusion in a portfolio is not a once-off decision, we constantly monitor positions, and will downscale or liquidate investments that no longer meet our criteria.

Absa Asset Management
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