Absa Asset Management

Investment Philosophy

Respect, preserve and increase the wealth of our clients assets – that’s our philosophy .

Your life savings are the most important asset that you have.  They are valued and respected.  We at ABAM understand this investment philosophy and abide by it.

We invest our clients’ money with an absolute sense of personal accountability, conscious of the fact that every investment decision we make affects the quality of someone's life.  Our approach when we manage your money is one of great care. We focus on consistent long-term returns and we take every precaution to ensure that the investments we select are reputable and well managed, and will add value to your portfolio.

ABAM recognises that long-term portfolio outperformance depends on superior investment skill, research excellence and continuous and critical review of numerous micro and macro variables.

ABAM is committed to achieving consistently superior, risk-adjusted long-term performance.  We seek do this by committing to the abiding principles of value investing.  Putting it simply, we invest in shares of a company that trade below our objective assessment of intrinsic value.

We are also prepared to invest in companies with strong growth prospects, but we are not willing to overpay for unrealistic growth expectations. For this reason we think of ourselves as pragmatic value oriented investors.

We believe the way to successful investing and long-term portfolio outperformance is commitment to a clear-cut investment philosophy and adherence to a disciplined investment process.

At the heart of our investment philosophy is the recognition that wealth-building in the equity market is determined by the inter-relationship between business, management and price. We seek great businesses with strong management, at attractive prices.

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